Vicky Bagwalla

Co-Chair of Umbrella Incorporated

CTO, Founder & Managing Partner | Cloud Managed Network

Vicky has spent over 30 years in the Information Technology and Information Systems industry. He has worked extensively in every aspect of an applications life cycle, from programming to technology project management. He is a founding partner of two successful technology solutions companies.

Vicky has a curious mind with tremendous bandwidth. He finds times for his interests from flying, boating to building violins, woodworking, cooking, Japanese calligraphy, collecting pens, gadgets, and cigars.

He is an early adopter of technology, so call Vicky to talk about tech, advice on a new gadget or want a good laugh.

Vicky B.
Dave Frankland

Co-chair of Umbrella Incorporated

COO, Founder & Managing Partner | Cloud Managed Network

Dave has over 20+ years of experience in various business and information technology facets, and he is just getting started.

As a founder and managing partner at Cloud Managed Networks, Dave works with Fortune 500 organizations to provide curated solutions to large and complex problems.

Dave is the voice of reason in any room. In addition, he enjoys making new professional acquaintances, so reach out if you want to talk about technology or business, and he will be more than happy to chat.

David Frankland
Dennis Gorya

Director, Umbrella Incorporated

Founding Partner & Head of Business Development & Partnerships | Tidal Commerce

Dennis is the founder and partner of Tidal Commerce, a digital commerce consulting and engineering partner to help enterprise-level businesses build, manage and measurably grow their e-commerce channel.

Dennis strives to help Tidal clients gain a competitive advantage by leveraging emerging technologies like Headless, Blockchain and AI-based personalization.

As a young and successful entrepreneur, Dennis is frequently called to business pitch competitions to provide his insights to the next. Dennis values relationships, love to build partnerships and connect people. He is always open to a conversation.

Dennis Gorya
Aziz Memon

Director, Umbrella Incorporated

Partner, CMO and Head of Customer Experience. | Tidal Commerce

Aziz is a marketing professional and a certified management consultant. He has worked across the world helping B2B&C marketers understand their customers, build brands, generate leads, build loyalty, improve customer experience and achieve topline targets across diverse sectors.

His firm Salt Strategy specializes in Research and Strategy. At Tidal, Aziz helps e-commerce clients refine their e-commerce strategy, enhance customer experience and improve ROI.

Aziz has a creative and strategic mind, constantly generating ideas for his clients. He aspires to rock the stand-up comedy world someday; in the meanwhile, he moonshines as a University professor. Reach out if you want to discuss strategy.

Aziz Memon