Salt Strategy

A marketing research, business intelligence and strategy advisory

Salt Strategy is marketing research and strategy consultancy. We help marketers understand their customers, develop or refine their marketing strategy, messaging and targeting to achieve better business results across physical and digital channels.

Salt uses agile research methodology to support iterative development. It leverages our data-driven Marketing Optimization Process to systematically analyze the environment, competition, and the marketing effort to make evidence-based recommendations.

Salt points the brand in the right strategic direction for growth and provides oversight to internal and external partners to effectively transition the strategy to action.

Salt Strategy is part of Umbrella Inc. The collective services of Umbrella’s specialized business units enable Salt to take a holistic, cross-functional view of our client’s business and seamlessly provide end-to-end solutions, along with benefits of scale and synergies.

We strive to be trusted advisors.

Salt Strategy
  • Marketing Research
  • Business Intelligence
  • Strategic Advisory